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Being touched can calm us and reduce anxiety. I am interested in highlighting our need for physical touch and exploring the possibility of jewelry being a source of physical comfort, in addition to its more traditional role as personal adornment and expression.

I am using jewelry as the medium for this work because it is placed on the body, is intimate in scale, and creates an interaction between an object and a wearer.  Through my research I have been exploring how to replicate the feel of human touch.  I have found that my work physically touched the wearer in a way similar to a human being and confers the same calming effect. Made predominantly from leather, these hand-stitched, weighted pieces conform to the body. The viewer is seduced to put these pieces on because they use the language of jewelry, are attractive and enticing to touch.  Once on, they offer a therapeutic calming effect that gives people a reason to wear art jewelry daily.

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